Applications may run at room temperature or can be heat curing, for both aqueous and solventborne systems, adapting to the existing dispersing possibilities and working pot lives, handling and addition.

• The crosslinker is added to the formulated product just prior to use. It is a two-part system, not a one-part system.

• Typical addition levels range from 1% to 3% to finished formulations. The optimal amount in order to achieve the desired end results it is best determined by experimentation.

• The product should be added slowly and under good agitation, neat or premixed into a solution. If added in a solution, a solvent without active hydrogen is ideal. Water may be used, as long as the pre diluted product is added to the system immediately.

• Once added, typical systems will have a pot life of 12-24 hours to 4-8 hours, depending on the specific type, temperature and pH. Testing for the pot life length of each system is always recommended to achieve the desired properties.

• Please refer to the MSDS prior to handling the poly functional aziridine.

• Our full range of Polyfunctional Aziridine Crosslinkers have received the ZDHC certification, proving that our products meet all requirements connected to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).


Printing inks are used on a variety of surfaces, not all of which are ideal for the inks to adhere. The ease at which polyfunctional aziridines are mixed and dispersed into the ink makes it an excellent solution for this problem. In addition to a faster cure time, polyfunctional aziridines improve printing inks in the following ways:

• Improved adhesion to difficult substrates
• Increased scuff, chemical and water resistance
• Enhanced color and clarity
• Better cross-link density

Overprint varnishes (OPVs) are coatings applied to an already printed sheet in order to elongate the life of the material. Polyfunctional aziridines can be easily mixed and dispersed into these types of varnishes obtaining the key benefits before mentioned.


A high-performing adhesive should hold objects together for an extended period across diverse applications. Adding polyfunctional aziridines to adhesive formulations results in faster cure times, increased cohesive strength, and improved adhesion to difficult substrates.

• Increases cohesive strength
• Improves chemical & water resistance
• Efficient tack & adhesion modifier
• Increases anti-static & anti-blocking properties


Additional surface protection is often needed for leather coatings, as they are typically manufactured with softer polymers. Polyfunctional aziridine products can add to this protection with the added benefit of a fast cure time. PolyAziridine’s PZ-28 and PZ-33 products help increase chemical and water resistance and can also improve wear resistance.

• Improves wear resistance
• Increases chemical and water resistance
• Faster cure time
• Excellent color and clarity


Wood coatings often are slow to dry and highly abrasive. Polyfunctional aziridine resins enhance the performance of wood coatings by cross-linking acrylic emulsions and polyurethane dispersions. They offer faster cure times, improved water and chemical resistance, increased resistance to black heel marking, better abrasion resistance, and enhanced color and clarity.

Along with a faster cure time and enhanced performance of low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulations, polyfunctional aziridine products are also easily mixed and dispersed into coatings.


Polyfunctional aziridines enhance the performance of pressure sensitive adhesives, such as tapes, labels, and automobile trim. Easily mixed into adhesives, they provide benefits like increased cohesive strength, improved adhesion to film layers, vibrant color and clarity, and faster cure times.

Protective films for paints, windows, or windshields benefit from the addition of polyfunctional aziridines, offering a faster cure time and modifying adhesion characteristics.

Plastic films used in landscaping, construction, packaging, and film stock benefit from polyfunctional aziridines, improving coating adhesion, increasing anti-static properties, and providing enhanced anti-blocking properties. Photographic films share similar benefits, including improved coating adhesion and increased anti-static properties.


Polyfunctional aziridines added to textile coating formulations increase chemical and water resistance, improve wear resistance, and allow for a faster cure time.

• Increases chemical and water resistance
• Faster cure time
• Improves wear resistance
• Excellent color and clarity